There are 4 specialty directions in Financial Informatics and Management Technology field,including:

  • IT project management
  • IT service marketing management
  • Innovation and venture capital management
  • Financial information service

1.IT project management

Through learning and practicing,students will study and master knowledge,skills and case analysis training of project management.We choose the project management cases provided by IT enterprises to cultivate students' ability of project management,team collaboration,technical innovation and engineering project organization.We hope that through this,students can become inter-disciplinary talents of technique and management.They are able to be candidates of Project Manager which is in great demand of IT enterprises.

2.IT service marketing management

Through learning and practicing,students will study and master system theory and practical knowledge of marketing strategy,customer relation management,market and product management,new product marketing,software requirement engineering and market research and analysis of IT enterprises.Students will know how to combine technical means with management ones,achieving the management target in the end.They are able to be candidates of chief management officer,brand manager,management consultant,marketing consultant and sales manager.

3.Innovation and venture capital management

Through learning and practicing,students will study and master system theory and practical knowledge of organizational management,new product planning and design,market and product management,business plan formulation,research and development team management,financial and personnel management of high and new-tech enterprises,venture capital of IT enterprises.Students will know how to transfer technique into marketable products,achieving the goal of starting a business in the end.

Through classroom teaching and cases practicing,students could lay a solid foundation and broad expertise of embedded system engineering,and have the ability of engineering practice on embedded system design,bottom software and middleware.After graduation,students have the ability to meet the needs of market,become urgently-needed interdisciplinary talents in embedded system design,realization and management.

4.Financial information service

Financial information service is dedicated to cultivating inter-disciplinary talents of finance and IT knowledge.Students are required to have the basic knowledge of software development,be proficient in using database,analysis software and even program language,be excellent in financial service business process and financial innovation and risk management technology and master a high-level financial data analysis ability.Students are also required to be excellent in learning and innovation ability,writing skills based on projects,communication ability,team collaboration spirit and organizational management ability,When they graduate,they are able to work in three major industries of banking,securities and insurance as well as financial institutions such as financial regulators,credit bureaus,firms and offices,finance companies of large enterprises,taking up financial service or financial data analysis jobs.